BVB Evonik Football Academy

Conditions of participation for the BVB Evonik Football Academy

By completing the registration process, you agree to all of the conditions of participation listed below!

For questions about the conditions of participation, you can contact us by e-mail at or by telephone at +49 231 9020-0 (Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00).

1. BVB services

The services provided by Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. KGaA depend on the service package booked. The individual services can be found under the menu tab "Dates and prices". 

2. Booking, payment and coupons

The participation fee depends on the service package booked. Bookings may only be carried out by the parent or legal guardian of the participating child. Following the successful submission of data, the customer shall receive a confirmation e-mail containing a request to transfer the participation fee to a specified account within a specified time period. Once the payment procedure has been successfully completed, the customer shall receive e-mails containing confirmation of participation and - at a later point in time, if applicable - documents relating to the course. The coupons that can be purchased for the Soccer School's courses are valid for 24 months and are specifically for these courses. The coupons have a value of 99 EUR (gross) and can be used for all of the School School's courses. A maximum of one coupon can be used per course. Price differences to more expensive courses are to be transferred by the parent or legal guardian of the participating child to an account specified by Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. KGaA within the specified time period. Coupons are to be used at least four weeks prior to the start of the course and may only be used if places on the course are available. The parent or legal guardian of the participating child may only use a coupon to book a course at A cash payment of the coupon amount is not possible.

3. Non-attendance and withdrawal from participation

Up until the start of the course, the participant may cancel their participation in the course in writing and by stating a significant reason. Significant reasons include a medically certified illness or injury which prevents their participation. The certification is to be attached to the declaration of cancellation, or must otherwise be submitted within 5 days of declaring cancellation at the latest. In the event the course is cancelled by the participant at least three weeks before the camp begins, a 25% cancellation fee is charged. In the event of a cancellation in the last three weeks or on the day on which the course begins, the cancellation fee is 35%. In the event of non-attendance without giving notification, there is no entitlement to the reimbursement of the participation fee.

In the event a participant breaks off the course or is excluded from the course due to illness or injury, a proportion of the participation fee is not reimbursed.

BVB may cancel the arrangement or refuse its services if the participation fee is not paid within the specified time period. In the event of a cancellation, the club shall be entitled to claim the aforementioned cancellation fee of 35%.

4. Obligations of the participant

The participant is obliged to follow the instructions issued by the coaches. Repeated or gross violations of the instructions may lead to the participant in question being excluded from the course. In this case, the parent or legal guardian is obliged to pick up the participant from the course with immediate effect. The parent or legal guardian ensures that the participant has health and liability insurance, is in the proper physical condition to play sport, is healthy and is not suffering from a contagious illness. In particular, he or she shall inform BVB of any need on the part of the participant to take certain medication or of any relevant allergies suffered by the participant. He or she also declares that the participant has received the latest tetanus vaccination at the time of the course. In the event of minor injuries sustained by the participant during the course, the parent or legal guardian gives his/her consent for the participant to be treated by the staff at the Soccer School.

5. Rights to one's own image and disclosure of personal data

The participant and his/her parent or legal guardian hereby agree that images or video footage recorded of the participant over the duration of the course may be published without the complete assignment of names for the purposes of advertising or other PR measures taken by BVB. In particular, this includes placing the pictures and video footage taken during the course on the Borussia Dortmund website. Furthermore, both the participant and his/her parent or legal guardian hereby agree that the contact details of the participants may be used for the purposes of an address list and may then be passed onto other participants in cases where this is deemed justified.

6. Cancellation of events and force majeure

BVB is entitled to cancel and/or break off individual or multiple events in the respective course programme of the Soccer School or parts thereof in the event of objective concerns regarding issues such as sustained rainfall, storms, contagious illnesses suffered by several participants and/or if the training ground is not in the correct condition for football. There is no entitlement to the reduction and/or the reimbursement of the participation fee in such cases. In the case that BVB is unable to provide the services which have been booked due to force majeure (in particular natural disasters), the club is completely exempt from fulfilling the obligation to provide the service for the duration of the hindrance. If it is not possible for BVB to provide its services for a period of more than a month due to force majeure, the participant is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

7. Liability

Borussia Dortmund shall not be held liable for damages resulting from undertakings by the participant which were carried out without the prior consent of the respective supervisor at the Soccer School. BVB shall also not accept any liability for injuries occurring during the course - provided that they are not attributable to negligence on the part of BVB - and the loss of valuables.

BVB, its legal representatives or vicarious agents shall only be liable for damages, regardless of whatever legal reason, in the event of deliberate misconduct or gross negligence or – then limited to the damages typically foreseeable for the contract at the time it was concluded - in the event of a violation of major contractual obligations. The aforementioned limitation of liability shall not apply to claims to compensation for damages caused by culpable injury to life, body or health or based on another mandatory legal standard of liability.

Version: January 2012