Since 2019, the BVB International Academy America is representing Borussia Dortmund in the United States. Roundabout 3,000 boys and girls are playing at 13 locations in black and yellow jerseys all over the U.S. 

The aim is to transfer BVB's successful Youth Development and provide all local players with the black and yellow soccer experience. For this purpose, Borussia Dortmund maintains a close exchange with all coaches and players at all locations. This includes visits by BVB experts at the respective locations as well as digital offerings such as the BVB eAcademy.

This year, BVB International Academy America was present with 09 teams at regional and national championships:

  • BVBIA NTX 07B Yellow - Aaron Proctor
    USYS Southern Regional Champions, advanced to USYS National Championships
  • BVBIA LA 07G - Mike Robichaux
    Louisiana State Cup Champions, USYS Southern Regional Finalist
  • BVBIA NTX 06G GA - Audrey Gutierrez,
    advanced to GA National playoffs
  • BVBIA NTX 06B ECRL - Dru Wright
    US Club South Central Regional Champions, advanced to US Club National Cup
  • BVBIA Pittsburgh 05B Premier - Thomas Louisy
    USYS National League P.R.O. group winner, advanced to USYS National Championships
  • BVBIA NTX 05B ECRL- Colin Yocom
    ECRL Texas conference champions, advanced to ECRL National playoffs
  • BVBIA NTX 05B NPL - Ricky Blanchard & Dru Wright
    u9 Texas State Cup Champions, advanced to US Club National Cup
  • BVBIA NTX 05B ECNL - Dru Wright
    US Club South Central Regional Champions, US Club National Cup Champions
  • BVBIA SATX 03B Olivares - Carlos Olivares
    NCS State Cup Champions, advanced to USYS Southern Regionals

The BVB 05 Boys ECNL from North Texas celebrated the biggest success by winning the US Club National Championship!
Florian Ingwersen, who is responsible for the soccer development of the International Academy, classifies the successes as follows: "For us, the development of each individual player always has top priority and is invariably more important than simply winning. Our goal is to give every player the opportunity to become the best they can be. Therefore, it is important that BVB International Academy teams are represented on the Elite Platforms so that players can compete at the highest national level. Thus, we are very pleased to see how many BVB teams have managed to reach the national level this year."
Dru Wright, Director of Soccer Development in the U.S., also sees the recent successes as a result of the successful work done over the past few years, "I'm very pleased to see that our work is bearing more and more fruit. Especially since this season we have intensified the cooperation between Dortmund and all affiliates. This is our path to success and is reflected not only in the successes at the Regionals and Nationals, but above all in the fact that 100+ players from the BVB International Academy will once again be moving onto a college this year to pursue a career of some sort. That makes us immensely proud."
Borussia Dortmund congratulates all successful teams and thanks all the coaches, players and BVB International Academy officials for their work last season and especially for the way they represented BVB in the United States.

We are really looking forward to next season!