For the BVB Evonik football academy, a suspension does not mean a standstill! You can't train with us at the training ground or in your club at the moment, but we can bring the football to you at home!

Our team of coaches has made various videos for you, in which we will show you how you can stay on the ball at home. We have dribbling, tricks and flicks, coordination, ball control and dribbling, as well as catching exercises for the goalkeepers among you, all of which you can train from inside your own four walls! Before you start your training, our coach Patrick will explain the "09 home game rules" in the video. Your parents can print out the rules for you and hang them up for all to see.

Clear away anything that can break and grab your ball! If you don't have your own ball, you can still take part! There are quite a lot of things you can use to make a ball to play with. Our coaches will show you in the videos which materials you are sure to have at home. We hope you enjoy trying it out. Together we are one team!