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By now, we are all directly feeling the effects of the coronavirus Covid-19. People are very worried. In the difficult times of this pandemic, the BVB family is sticking together more than over, showing solidarity and helping in a concrete way: the BVB foundation “leuchte auf” has initiated its own fundraising campaign – the proceeds of which we shall deploy, unbureaucratically and intensively, exactly where help is urgently needed.

Together with you, “leuchte auf” will support not-for-profit organisations and initiatives that are especially heavily affected by the effects of the pandemic, conducting research on the new virus or making a special contribution to promoting the health of all people in our society.

Above all, the aim of our initiative is to pool the forces of the entire BVB family and to provide financial aid on location in Dortmund in order to combat the damage wrought by the exceptional circumstances that are impacting all of us in the region.

The BVB foundation “leuchte auf” will invest a third of the proceeds from the fundraising campaign in local projects in Dortmund. In this context, “leuchte auf” shall draw upon its network of not-for-profit organisations and also make use of BVB’s networks in order to ensure that the donations are distributed sensibly and with the utmost transparency.

The Foundation of University Medicine in Essen, which specialises among other things in innovative research, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) will each receive one of the remaining thirds.

Borussia verbindet.

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BVB Foundation "leuchte auf"
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For donations of €200 and upwards, we will automatically send you a donation certificate if you add your address to the reference field. For administrative reasons, please understand that we cannot send certificates for donations of less than €200.

"leuchte auf" and our project partners say thank you!