The council owned ”Weisse Wiese“ ground on the Wambeler Strasse yesterday gained a new name: ”Borussia Sport Park“. The club members have, over many years, with the investment of some 50000RM, developed the council-owned ground into a noteworthy 18000 capacity stadium. This initiative is a one-off in Germany. BVB speaker and honorary president Franz Jacobi once again hit the nail on the head declaring, ”The 10th of August 1924 will go down in the annals of the club as a great day. Many fans came to witness the re-naming ceremony.

Among them were town officials Dr. Ruben and Zwiehoff. BVB president Dr. Schwaben gave ”our“ Borussia Sport Park his blessing. “Many of us, like our patron, developer Ignatz Peters, had tears in our eyes. Only last Wednesday a 60m long part of the fence surrounding the ground had been blown down during the fierce wind and rain but by working day and night all had been made good. I am so proud of my Borussia!“