Games between BVB and Schalke 04 are always something special and sometimes events around the games are just as interesting. One such occasion came along in the 1968/69 meeting when a police dog got free from his handler and promptly chased towards the backside of Schalke’s Friedel Rausch. The dog had no muzzle on. There was a bite, a cry of pain! Rausch happily only sustained a flesh wound while a vet was called to confirm that the dog was none the worse for the incident either. In the early 70s Norbert Nigbur was between the sticks for Schalke. As his team went on the offensive against BVB, Nigbur wandered forward to the edge of his box. Seeing this, an ice-cream seller at the ”Rote Erde“ stadium crept onto the field in front of the Schalke goal before striding out to Nigbur to offer him an ice. It seemed to hit the spot!