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Heiko Herrlich critically ill

The whole of world football, not just BVB fans, are shocked to hear the news at a BVB press conference that Heiko Herrlich has been diagnosed as having a brain tumour. The striker had complained of impaired vision. Dr. Niebaum. Clearly very distressed, said ”We are so sad. It just goes to show that there are more important things than football, results and league positions. However, our medical team report that there is a good chance of Heiko making a full recovery and resuming his playing career.“ In the days that followed the announcement, BVB was inundated by faxes and e-mails from across the football globe expressing their good wishes for Heiko. Four months later Herrlich holds a press conference to say that thanks to the fine work of the doctors he had conquered the threat. He was effusive in his thanks to the club and particularly club doctor Dr. Preuhs who had always been at his side. On 3 July 2001, during a pre-season tournament in Kriens, Herrlich returns to BVB action.