This year's "Week of Action", an initiative by the non-profit organisation CAFE (Centre for Access to Football in Europe), took place across Europe this week. The principal objective of this Week of Action is to focus on the needs of people with disabilities. Borussia Dortmund also got involved at its home game against Hertha BSC.

CAFE, along with many European football clubs, is using the hashtag #Total Access to harness the power of sport and raise awareness for its vision of "stadium access for all", barrier-free entry and inclusion. To this end, CAFE is in dialogue with disabled fan representatives from more than 50 European countries in order to facilitate inclusive and accessible stadium experiences.

Borussia Dortmund has also been dealing with the concerns of people with disabilities for many years so as to fulfil its social responsibility and ensure everyone has access to BVB. By supporting the CAFE "Week of action", BVB has now made another statement in order to draw attention to the issue. In addition to the communications support for the hashtag #TotalAccess, which was clearly visible in the stadium, the BVB players ran out to warm up with the same message emblazoned across their tops.

In addition to seats for people with disabilities, there are other inclusive offers at BVB home games too. These include the BVB Blind Report (currently also available online for home games) and a sign language interpreter in the block for deaf fans. In cooperation with the Event & Catering GmbH, the stadium tour was recently made possible for deaf fans as well. The video below offers an insight into this. General information on the topic of accessibility can be found here