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"PANAMA", a programme offering help to everyone in the stadium, is being introduced for the 2021/22 season. In the following, you will find an overview of "PANAMA", as well as an insight into the specific services available, contact persons and other sources you can turn to for help.

What does "PANAMA" mean?

By asking the question: “Which way to Panama?”, anyone who feels in an uncomfortable or insecure situation in the stadium or is threatened or harassed can get help simply and easily. For example, if you are feeling unwell, overwhelmed, discriminated against, threatened or are the victim of (sexual) assault, etc.

-"PANAMA" is a service that provides help to everyone in the stadium!

- There is no need for further explanation when you ask: "Which way to PANAMA?" or simply use the code word "PANAMA"!

- You can speak to any member of staff in the stadium!

- Help will be provided straight away, without any questions or assessments!

- Different types of help will be provided depending on the situation!

- The person seeking help can decide for themselves the type of support they want!

- Those seeking help can also go to the PANAMA room in the stadium if they want!

Why do we have "PANAMA"?

The "PANAMA" concept has been introduced to increase fans' sense of security in the stadium. Asking people you don't know for help in a threatening situation takes courage. The threshold for asking for help is lower with the code word "PANAMA", making it easier to ask for help.


The PANAMA team take care of affected persons and are made up of trained members of the stadium security staff. The PANAMA team are on duty from the moment the stadium opens to the moment it closes and can always be approached by you at any time.


A room has been set up in the stadium where people seeking help can withdraw, catch their breath and get further help if they want it. The room is attended by emergency psychosocial care providers of the German Red Cross, who will take care of those seeking help upon request.

For more information on "PANAMA", please see our press release.