At the press conference after the match against Rasenballsport Leipzig, Thomas Tuchel went into detail. "It was evident that we made a lot of incorrect decisions in our build-up play," the head coach said, before adding: "We are still getting to know each other. The mistakes today weren't big enough for us to start questioning everything."

Thomas Tuchel on the match, the performance and the attitude:
We played with the right attitude. It was evident that there were too many unforced errors from the six players in the back four and the defensive midfield area who were responsible for our build-up play. There were a lot of technical mistakes and lapses of concentration. In that respect our performance was very flawed. That led to us never having the feeling we were in control. The pitch was difficult to play on, not yet fully grown and every movement required a lot of effort.

...on the outcome of the match:
We had enough half chances to make some of them into full chances, to take the lead and therefore to win the game. We didn't manage to do that. In the end we contrived to concede a goal which we didn't see coming.

...on the lessons from the defeat:
We are still getting to know each other. It was evident that we made a lot of incorrect decisions in our build-up play, but nevertheless we coped well. We never looked like we were starting to struggle. At a certain point it was clear that we were not having our best day. We had three huge chances to take the lead. If we had, people would be talking about a deserved victory. But we lost and are absolutely dissatisfied with that. We need to stick with it and work hard. I can sense the team's willingness to grow together; I can sense a real harmony in the team. So we will now continue on the same path.

...on Mario Götze:
Mario put in a very good performance, particularly in the first half. Then we wanted to bring in new impetus, new types of players, and we also fine-tuned our basic formation.

...on the UEFA Champions League opener next week:
There is a real sense of anticipation, that needs to be the dominant feeling. It is the reward for last season. The mistakes today were not big enough for us to start to question everything. In training everyone is ready to give everything. But it all still needs to develop. We are completely ready for the challenge on Wednesday. We need matches, we need stress situations. There is still complete belief.

Recorded by Boris Rupert