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Pre-match report

Press conference

Bosz: "It's difficult to analyse and take in this match"

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BVB coach Peter Bosz fielded questions from journalists at a press conference after the Ruhr derby. "We stopped playing football," he said of the second period. "When you look at the goals we conceded, it was way too easy." Here's an overview of the Dutchman's comments.


Peter Bosz on the emotions he and his team are feeling after the game:
"It's difficult to analyse and take in this match. You just feel disappointment. When you're leading 4-0 at half-time, something like this cannot happen. Now it's up to me to build the team back up. We need to continue to believe in ourselves, to set aside the uncertainties. I'm a fighter. I was as a player and I'm the same as a coach. I don't give up."

…on the first period:
"We put in a very diligent performance in the first half and made optimal use of the spaces. In the wing-forward positions, Andrej and Mario were always available to receive the ball too. We used our opportunities perfectly."

"We stopped playing football"

…on the second period:
"Then we stopped playing football, lost possession far too quickly and didn't make use of the spaces that Schalke gave us. When you look at the way the goals we conceded came about, it was once again far too easy. If Aubameyang had played the ball to Götze during that one move, it might have been 5-0. Nonetheless, you can't allow yourselves a half like that when you're 4-0 up at the break."


…on the dismissal of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang:
"He wanted to help the team out defensively at that moment, but he went in with too much aggression. Obviously you can't do things like that, but he was trying to help. Usually I don't say such things after a match, but I believe that Kehrer may well have been sent off too." (djg)