André Schürrle was dissatisfied after the clash with Augsburg. "It's really annoying because we had a major opportunity and unfortunately we didn't take it," he said to BVBtotal!. "We need to analyse well and work hard to be ready for Leipzig," said Schürrle, who is expecting "a tough game".


André, you came close to making it 2-1 but the ball went narrowly wide and you were held to a 1-1 draw. Disappointed?
"Yes, we are. With the performance too. Up until the opener we played well, moved the ball about well and did well to get into dangerous positions. But that tailed off a bit. We tried to play a lot of short passes but we made too many mistakes and allowed Augsburg to work their way back into the game. They did well, but nonetheless it's tough to take when you are pegged back from a set-piece. Augsburg blocked us off well and Danso was completely unmarked. It's very annoying, because we had a major opportunity and unfortunately we didn't take it. Disappointing for sure."

What is missing for you to get that effortlessness back into your game?
"Just more goals. We need to be more aggressive in the final third, make more runs and play the through-balls if we are to score goals. Then you improve, you become more light-footed, your head clears and you don't think about whether to make a dribble; you just do it. That's missing a bit and we need to continue working on that. We had a good run and, although we haven't lost today, you really do need to be winning your home games if you want to keep pace at the top. We failed to do so today, which is why we need to make sure that we analyse the match well and are 100 percent ready for the Leipzig game. It's going to be a tough one. And it might sound dumb but: we need to work hard and then things will get easier."

What's it like out there on the pitch when temperatures are so low?
"It's our job, but of course there are nicer conditions. When you're playing and you notice that your feet are half-frozen, it's not particularly pleasant. But that said, we knew what to expect. And we trained in such conditions too, so the weather wasn't a problem. It could have been nicer but despite everything we wanted to do something to warm up the fans and ourselves. In that respect we only partially succeeded." (djg)