Axel Witsel was almost lost for words once more: ''It's the first time in my career that I've experienced fans like this. After they equalised we really felt the support. It's something special.'' Here's what the coach and players had to say about the win over VfB Stuttgart.

Lucien Favre: ''We dominated the match and ended up with 75 percent possession. That's an incredible amount. We managed to create a few chances in the first-half. After taking a 1-0 lead we wastefully conceded a goal. The team reacted really well though, they one hundred percent wanted to get the win. It was an important win, and a deserved one overall, although the opposition played well and were very well organised. Stuttgart very much parked the bus in front of their own goal. It was really hard picking out the gaps. We tried absolutely everything. Stuttgart really had to chase after us and that's what gave us our chance in the end. Overall it was a deserved win.''


Marco Reus: ''The weather meant it was really brutal out there today. We had control of the game, but Stuttgart were dangerous on the counter. We made things difficult for ourselves in the first half, we fell short whenever it came down to playing the final ball. In the second-half we were able to up the pace while also keeping our patience. The most important thing was that we never stopped believing in ourselves, believing that we could come back after the score went to 1-1 and, in the end, believing that we could get the win that we deserved. It was trickier than usual leading up to the penalty as I had to stand there waiting for a good two or three minutes. The rain was lashing down from all angles, but despite that, it was the kind of situation I'm used to dealing with. It's only a shot at goal, that was all I was focused on. I'm happy that I found the back of the net. After going 2-1 up, getting another goal to make it 3-1, you could tell how happy we all were. It was another tough match today, and we showed our mental strength. We have to learn from games like today, we have to acknowledge the fact that our opponents know how we play, we need to keep our patience.''

Axel Witsel: ''It was important to get a win today - above all to remain level on points with Bayern. The weather was horrendous, but we still managed to get the job done. You could barely tell where the ball was going to end up, it was extremely difficult. The fans gave us an unbelievable boost. It's the first time in my career that I've experienced fans like this. After they equalised we really felt the support. It's something special.''

Marius Wolf: ''It was a battle of wills. We really wanted to win, we really wanted to score goals. After we conceded, we just kept doing our thing. We knew that we would get our chance, and that's exactly what happened. We just really wanted it out there today and I think that was there for all to see. We're just taking each game as it comes, we want to win all of our games. The support of the fans has been absolutely sensational all week and today was no exception. You can always count on our fans, especially here in Dortmund. It's genuinely unbelievable and it really pushes you on. Of course we have to cut out the individual mistakes, but we've also learned that we just have to keep going whenever we experience a setback. When Paco scored, you saw just how much we all wanted it. That's how it has to be.''
Transcribed by Timo Lammert