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Pre-match report


''...we won by the skin of our teeth''

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Both Roman Bürki and Marco Reus were unhappy with the performance in the second half. ''I find it inexplicable why we let up like that,'' said the captain when interviewed by Sky. In the words of head coach Lucien Favre: ''The result is the only thing that counts.''

Lucien Favre: ''We won, the result is the only thing that counts. The first half was really good. We played with a lot of speed. We could well have scored another goal or two, but we weren't quite able to, just a small final touch was lacking. At 3-0 it would have been over. Mainz changed their system and we weren't able to defend against it.''

Marco Reus: ''We knew that we had to send out a message today. We were able to do that in the first half. After half-time, we stopped playing good football. We can't allow that to happen. Up until that point we'd really managed to pick up our confidence, so I find it inexplicable why we then let up and find ourselves pinned back. We seemed to lose all appetite for a tackle, we just let Mainz take control of the game. We have to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that we won the game by the skin of our teeth. We weren't tight enough to our men. We can't let that happen at home. We have to try and play like we did in the first half, because when we do so we're a good side. You make things difficult for yourselves if you let up even five percent. If you want to win the title, you have to go beyond the limit of what you're capable of.''

Roman Bürki: ''I'm not happy about the way we played in the second half. We started really well, we dominated the match and got two goals. We were also defending really well and not giving anything away. Our set-pieces were good too. After Mainz scored to make it 2-1, we were really fearful and just tried to hold on to what we had. We were playing at our home ground and we spent the last 15 to 20 minutes pegged back and not winning any tackles. As a goalkeeper, it feels good when you perform well and help your team win the match.''
Transcribed by Christina Reinke