Even after 12 competitive games, Borussia Dortmund remains unbeaten under Lucien Favre, despite playing against one of the strongest and most consistent teams that the continent has seen in years. On top of that, Borussia Dortmund broke down Atlético Madrid's strong defence, to beat them by the highest margin in the Diego Simeone era. The Spaniards have never suffered a worse defeat in the UEFA Champions League.

12 games in 10 victories. "I don't know," said Lucien Favre before failing to finish his next sentence: "Had they made it 1-1..."

Borussia Dortmund must have had luck on their side for the 4-0 victory against Atlético Madrid. But as we all know, luck does not come without hard work. "In the first 15 minutes, we worked hard but we weren't all there," said Favre. "Then it got better. Then we started passing well and creating chances. The first goal gave the team courage and confidence."

But the Spanish champions, UEFA Europa League 2018 winners and Champions League finalists of 2014 & 2016, came out into the second half wanting to turn the match around. "The first 15 to 20 minutes of the second half were very difficult for us," explained Favre. "Atlético were dominating because we unnecessarily lost possession after winning it back. That had potential to be very dangerous. It was hard for us to win the ball back because they played very well."

But then there were some decisive moments where BVB won possession and countered. "The second goal was where it changed. After that, we played better again. The most important thing for me is that we give it our all." (br)