Neither the Coach, nor the Sports Director nor the players were happy with the performance. Whilst at the same time, the main objective is complete. Here are the opinions on the game:

Lucien Favre: "We really wanted to win, but we've still qualified for the round of 16 - that was our goal! Brugge defended well and sat deep. The passes lacked pace at times, which meant we couldn't destabilise our opponent. We were unable to speed up the game whether that be running with it or passing it. They had too much time to defend. We should've moved faster."

Michael Zorc: "It wasn't a good game on our part. In the first half, we had two clear-cut chances, but in the second half, we were unable to create any. We didn't have enough pace in our game." 

Marco Reus: "Our objective was, and continues to be, to win the group. We don't have the upper hand any more and must hope that Brugge plays a similar game against Atletico. But nevertheless, we're onto the next round which counts for something! However, we are not happy with our performance. It was an expectedly difficult game. We didn't predict that Brugge would sit so deep and do nothing to change the game. Especially in the first half where we didn't move the ball fast enough and couldn't affect the game much, because they sat right infront of goal making it very tight. They doubled up on our wingers and we couldn't get the game going, also because we didn't link up well in the first half."

Roman Bürki: "We had a lot of possesion, but not enough runs going deep, not enough movement and not enough ideas. It was a boring game for the spectators."