Training camp day 4: right back Matthias Ginter speaks about the conditions in Dubai, his fabulous first half of the season and the targets BVB have set for the end of the season.

Matthias, what are your impressions of the first days at the training camp? 
It's the same with every training camp: it's tiring! When you have two training sessions with these temperatures in Dubai, especially when we train in the middle of the day, then it's not exactly like devouring a pack of sweets. But we also have lots of fun. It's nice to be in the sun after the winter break.

Due to the temperatures you wait to have your second training session when the sun has gone down...

It tends to get dark quite early here. That is why the evening training session is not quite as hard as the midday session. The floodlight is quite bright, it makes the pitch nearly as light as during the day

„We are very much on the right path“


What was the main focus in training so far?
Nothing in particular, nothing special. Of course we are working a lot lot on athletics, but we have also worked with the ball. The training programme is very varied and does not concentrate on specific themes.

What have you got to say about the local training facilities here?

They are very good, that goes without saying. The pitch is top rate and the other facilities are also great. We cannot complain about anything and everything is here that is ideal for our preparations.

What is your impression of the first half of the season?
In the Bundesliga things are working out very well. We have had a relatively good run of wins in the Bundesliga. That has given us a lot of confidence. Of course there were games when it didn't work out so well - like in Munich, in Hamburg or just recently Köln. But all in all I think we can be satisfied.

„I can still develop in every aspect of my game“

You play very offensive, you score a lot of goals, it's actually always a spectacle when you play. That gives the feeling that you really enjoy your football...

Yes, definitely! We also feel that the tactics we employ, whereby we play with a lot of possession, is very good for us. After the many victories, especially at the start of the season, we developed a real sense of confidence. That is very good for us and you can see it for yourself on the pitch

By being involved in 14 goals you played a big role in your successful first half of the season…

For one thing, changing position was very good for me, even if it was quite a change at the start. But I can't complain. And I just feel very good in the way we play.

Where do you see the biggest improvement  within your game?

I can develop in every aspect of my game. I am still young, but I am also a very determined type of person. I can still learn a lot, I have only been playing my new position for a few months. Especially everything that concerns the right hand channel of the pitch is somewhere where I can still learn a lot.


„The best thing will be to get win after win..."

You have a strong rival in Lukasz Piszczek as a right back. How much does a rivalry like this urge you on?
Lukasz and I have have a very good relationship. It is normal that there is always a big rivalry amongst the players in a club like Borussia Dortmund – in every position. Of course: everyone wants to play. Not just Lukasz and me, but all the other players in the team. In the end effect that only makes us better, because everyone will give their all.

What are your ambitions for the second half of the season?

It is always difficult to sustain a good performance and if possible to even improve on that performance. But it is our aim to play as well as we did in the first half of the season and if possible to even improve on that. We want to get as far as possible in the two Cup competitions. In the Bundesliga we just have to keep winning points as we did in the first half of the season and just go from victory to victory. (djg)