Borussia Dortmund's first-team players featured in the first half of the (3-1) friendly defeat to VfL Bochum. Coach Marco Rose and debutant Gregor Kobel spoke about the first 45 minutes, which ended 0-0.

Marco Rose: "Generally speaking, my conclusion is positive. This was a very dynamic game with a lot of challenges. We showed a lot of good challenges, but Papa (editor's note: Antonios Papadopoulos) stood out. I'd like to see more of the same.The boys threw themselves into the game again today, despite the intense workload in training. For me, the only thing missing in the first half was the goal. We kept another clean sheet, which is also an important aspect. Gregor is a positive lad who will definitely help us. You can see that in training too. We're outstandingly well equipped in goalkeeper position. The other guys are mucking in too."

Gregor Kobel: "It was a great feeling to get on to the pitch and to wear the jersey. It was brilliant to play in front of fans for the first time in ages. That was a super feeling and created the appetite for more. Something was missing without spectators. Even though the stadium was not full today, it was nice to have people back in the stands."
Transcribed by Christina Reinke