Marco Rose and Erik ten Hag analysed their team's game. One said that it was "not a good day for us," but the other spoke about "fantastic football." The coaches' comments.

Marco Rose: "It was not a good day for us. It felt like it was already 0-2 with just the second or third shot - but our body language was like we were already losing by four. After conceding the second goal, it was a question of conviction. How do you react against a really strong opponent? In the final third, we should have played a lot better. We made too many mistakes, especially simple mistakes. Ajax showed us just how little movement we had in the final third to get a goal. All in all, it was a more than deserved victory for Ajax. The bottom line is, we have to work extremely hard to achieve our goals."        

Matthias Sammer (Expert on Amazon Prime): "The team that won was very enthusiastic and had very fast legs. We didn't start so bad, but after the first chances came against us, we realised that we couldn't keep up with Ajax today. If your body can't keep up, you can still control your mind a little, but the fact is, we have a lot of players who aren't completely fit. If there's no gas in the car, then the car's no use."   

Erik ten Hag (Ajax coach): "We put in a super performance; everyone saw that. We won the open clashes. We had to be good in possession, which we managed excellently, but we also had to press well and create chances. Not only did we win, but we also played a fantastic game of football. But there are still three games to come..."   
Written by Felix Ulrich