In addition to head coach Edin Terzic, goalscorers Karim Adeyemi and Ian Maatsen plus goalkeeper Alexander Meyer shared their thoughts. The match reactions.

Edin Terzic (at the press conference): "In the first 30 minutes, we lost too many balls and made it too easy for Union. But then Rönnow deserves a big compliment up until we were able to score the first goal. It was nicely created and exactly what we wanted to have against a 5-3-2. We wanted to play from full-back to full-back in order to open up the centre in the process. We didn't do that well in the first 30 minutes. The second goal was the result of a good pressing moment and a good combative performance. We're satisfied but know that we still have a long way to go."

Karim Adeyemi (to Sky): "We didn't have such a good foothold in the first 20 to 30 minutes but then things went really well. We deservedly won a solid game. We're not entirely satisfied because we could have been more dominant here. Before my goal, I saw a gap. That's all I can say about it. I wanted to help the team but I'm not entirely satisfied with myself."

Julian Ryerson (to BVB TV): "It was strange for me because before the game you actually want to focus on the match. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this special moment. When it sometimes hurts and you win games like this, that's also very nice. We implemented some things very well and others not so well. But we scored the goal for 1-0 and then made it 2-0 through an outstanding solo action in a very important phase."

Ian Maatsen (in the mixed zone): "I'm happy about my first goal and was a bit lucky that it wasn't a foul. Union fought well, but we also did well, scored two goals and didn't concede any. We needed the win. Ultimately, it's an important victory and a good reaction. We're happy and looking ahead to the coming weeks positively."

Alexander Meyer (to Sky): "At the beginning, you could still see the uncertainty from last weekend. But we got to grips with that well as a team. We knew what awaited us here, embraced that, create several chances for ourselves and deservedly took the lead. We played it simple in the second period, were present for the second balls and created one or two more chances for ourselves. We knew that it wasn't good enough against Hoffenheim. We had time during the week to talk about it. Union is not the easiest away game. The victory should give us a boost for the challenge in Bremen. We have everything in our own hands, we're still competing against the top clubs."