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BORUSSEUM 2.0 in the home stretch

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The floor is covered with foil, already draped exhibits are neatly wrapped to protect them from the inevitable dust that will collect during the final construction phase. Work in the BORUSSEUM is still in full swing, but an end and thus the reopening of Borussia Dortmund's club museum are in sight.

Sarah Hartwich and Melanie Wanczura, the two museum directors, are watching with a Black and Yellow eye to ensure that everything turns out as planned, that the BORUSSEUM 2.0 enchants Borussia Dortmund supporters when they visit the club museum and sends them on a journey through time through what will then be 112 years of the club's history, a history marked by highs but also by lows. For only this has made the myth possible that culminates in "... and you always get up again" and thus constitutes the fascination of Borussia Dortmund.

Reinhold Lunow took a long look behind at the foil and ceilings shortly before completion. Under his direction, then as treasurer of the Borussia 09 e.V. club, the BORUSSEUM was opened on 19 December 2008 to celebrate the club's 99th birthday. After almost eleven years and thousands and thousands of visitors, a complete renovation was due, which practically became a new building, the completion of which was delayed for a variety of reasons. "We want to make it as perfect as possible," says Lunow, who will be vice-president for the reopening. Since attention is paid to every detail, custom-made products were mostly necessary, which could not be designed, created, delivered and installed overnight in times of Corona. The club is investing a total of three million euros in its museum, which keeps its history alive and makes it tangible.

The fact that things are now visibly progressing is also due to Silke Seidel. She is the head of the real estate department at DSW21. And almost more important: in addition to her professional know-how, she carries the Black and Yellow DNA in her. So she knows how to put herself in the shoes of the visitor, the BVB fan. Conveniently, Lunow and Seidel work together on the supervisory board of Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. KGaA together. That also shortens working distances.

19 December 2021, BVB's 112th birthday, would be an obvious date for a reopening. But there is no rush over the remaining few metres. Because today, on day 41,252 of the club's existence, a week or a month more or less is no longer important...

The question of the opening date is, among other things, also about the development of the Coronavirus infection rates, because a museum lives from the people who (are allowed to) visit it.

In any case, club members will be able to get a first impression of the BORUSSEUM 2.0 next weekend when they find the members' magazine "Borussia" in their mailbox... (br)

BVB-Vice President Dr. Reinhold Lunow and DSW21 real estate manager Silke Seidel.