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BVB activates season tickets from April

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With the new version of the Corona Protection Ordinance expected at the end of March, which should, among other things, allow football stadiums to be used to full capacity, Borussia Dortmund will activate season tickets for the four remaining home matches still to be played in the 2021/22 season.

Full capacity operation should be possible again from 30 March for a rematch of the 2021 Cup final - a meeting between Cup winners Borussia Dortmund and runners-up RB Leipzig. A potential crowd of 81,365 could then visit SIGNAL IDUNA PARK in early April.

A Borussia Dortmund home match is more than just 90 minutes of football. The game is the emotional highlight of an entire day among friends. This togetherness has not been possible for two years. The 25,000 fans allowed to attend the home game against Arminia Bielefeld, the 10,000 in the games before, do not sit in the same seats where they have sat for years, surrounded by trusted neighbours. Not to mention the rituals on the standing terraces.

"We are very happy that from the end of March football can once again return to what it is all about: a socially unifying element," said Managing Director Carsten Cramer: "At long last you can meet old friends again in familiar surroundings."

It goes without saying that after two years of pandemic not everything will be the same just at the press of a button. Borussia Dortmund will not only continue to consistently implement their hygiene measures, but will also show understanding for anyone who might feel uncomfortable in a full stadium. "We have always dealt with each other fairly," emphasised Head of Ticketing, Christian Klein, before adding: "We have created a solution for all season ticket holders." Also, for all those fans who exercised their special right of termination at the end of last year and would now like to take their regular seats after all.

Why is Borussia Dortmund activating season tickets for the last four remaining home matches of the 2021/22 season?

Matchday 24 of the 2019/20 season was the last before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, the subscriptions of our 55,000 season ticket holders have been lying dormant. With the re-start of the Bundesliga in May 2020, a "special match operation" began which, to date, has allowed no fans at all to SIGNAL IDUNA PARK on 19 matchdays and more than 25,000 on only four matchdays. At no time whatsoever after the outbreak of the pandemic was it possible, within the framework of the legal provisions, to allocate each of the 55,000 season ticket holders the seat or standing room they had booked. In the key points agreed with various fan groups: the fan council, fan department and fan support in the summer of 2021, it was determined that the activation of the season tickets should also take place when the full capacity operation of our stadium was once again possible. As things stand today, this will be possible from 20 March and therefore for us for the first time for the home game on 1/2/3 April against Leipzig.

What if I no longer want to use my season ticket this season?

All season ticket holders who do not want to use their ticket for one, several or all of the four home games against Leipzig, Wolfsburg, Bochum and Hertha Berlin can place their ticket on the secondary market. The secondary market will open for each of the last four home matches a few days before the ticket go on pre-sale. This will ensure that that the discontinued tickets of season ticket holders are sold first.

What about the "no-show rate" introduced four years ago? What are the consequences if I don't use my season ticket?

For the 2021/22 season, the "no-show rate" will not apply.

What if I exercised my special right of cancellation in November 2021, but now want to take my regular seat for the remaining home games of the 2021/22 season?

When full capacity in the seating area was possible in October and November 2021 and the activation of seating season tickets was therefore announced, all seating season ticket holders were informed of a special right of cancellation for the current season without disadvantages for the coming seasons. 5,000 people holding 7,300 season tickets made use of this right. These season ticket holders will now be made a special offer so that they can still occupy their regular seat, if they wish, in the games against Leipzig, Wolfsburg, Bochum and Hertha Berlin. The plastic season ticket can no longer be activated due to the special cancellation. Provided the offer is accepted via the BVB ticket shop, Print@home tickets will be issued for the last four remaining home matches.

How do I obtain my season ticket for the remaining four games?

The season ticket was already sent before the start of the current season but has not yet been activated.

What if I can't find my season ticket?

How? You have misplaced the most valuable piece of plastic in the league?! No big deal!  Please contact - then we will help with a reprint of your season ticket.

How will the credit from the 2019/20 season and the price for the remaining 2021/22 games be offset?

At that time, there were still five home games remaining, now there are four left. This means that a straight 1:1 settlement is not possible. The simplest, most transparent way is: Borussia Dortmund refunds the existing credit to the season ticket holder's account on 30 March 2022 and debits the share for the remaining games on 1 April 2022. This means that there is effectively no debit for season ticket holders with remaining credit, but a small credit.

How will matchday ticket sales for these four home games work?

81,365 tickets will be available. After deducting the visiting contingent (8,100 seats) and the season ticket holders who have not made use of the special cancellation right (48,000 seats), around 25,000 seats remain available as matchday tickets. Firstly, the secondary market tickets will go on sale before the matchday tickets sale for our 160,000 club members begins. After that, tickets will go on general sale.

Will every season ticket holder be informed individually about the activation?

Yes. At the end of the month at the latest, all season ticket holders will receive a letter in the post as usual with all further information.