Borussia Dortmund's women's handball team produced a really impressive performance away to SU Neckarsulm. The Dortmund team beat their hosts 38-25 (HT 17-12). BVB's top scorers were Alina Grijseels with eight goals, Dana Bleckmann with seven and Zöe Sprengers with six. Goalkeeper Yara ten Holte also played very well.

The second match day of the HBF saw the fourth-placed team from Neckarsulm and the third-placed team from Dortmund play each other on Saturday evening. The young BVB team kept their nerve and delivered an impressive performance. Neckarsulm was ahead only once (leading 1-0), the rest of the 59 minutes were dominated by the Black & Yellows.

And only once in the 25th minute (when BVB lead 14-11) was Neckarsulm within striking distance. By the final whistle, the gap had grown to 13 goals. BVB was particularly strong in the second half. Dana Bleckmann and Frida Rønning scored at will, and Zöe Sprengers showed her class on the left wing.

Captain Alina Grijseels also performed impressively. From the first minute she used all her experience to keep the defence together and pull the strings at the back. After ten minutes the score was 6-3 to BVB. Three minutes later, it was 8-3. Grijseels alone had scored three times by then. The BVB backline, with central defenders Dana Bleckmann and Harma van Kreij, was excellent. Goalkeeper Yara ten Holte made some great saves. When Alina Grijseels increased the lead to 12-5 with a penalty throw (18th minute), BVB was already in front by seven goals.

And so it continued. BVB set a high tempo and played skilfully on the outside flanks. Only when Neckarsulm started to use more attacking defensive plays (from the 20th minute) was there a break in BVB's flow. Borussia Dortmund took their first timeout with the score at 9-14 (23rd minute). When Olga Gorschenina scored a penalty five minutes before the break to reduce the score to 10-15 and Daphne Gautschi scored her sixth goal seconds later to make it 11-15, Neckarsulm was back within striking distance. 

The second period began in the same way as the first. BVB was wide awake. Dana Bleckmann quickly increased the lead to 18-12 and then 19-12. Not too much speed, then the decisive pass – this was BVB's strategy in the following period. Zöe Sprengers gave the Dortmund team a ten-goal lead (24-14) for the first time with her sixth goal. 

BVB always seemed to be one step ahead of Neckarsulm. When Frida Rønning (46) increased the lead to 30-18, the contest was already over. In the end it was 38-25 for the Black & Yellows.

BVB: ten Holte, Moth, Grijseels (8/2), van Kreij (5), Sasaki (1), Rønning (5), Bleckmann (7), Garovic, Antl (1), Sprengers (6), Stens, Kusian (2), Ossenkopp (3), Hausherr.