Since 2017, the KreisSportBund Unna e.V. has put on a "summer camp" for 10-14-year-old children with and without a migration background. In addition to other cooperation partners, the BVB foundation "leuchte auf" has also financially supported the project to the tune of €5,000 this year.

At this year's integrative sports camp at the end of July, the 30 participating children experienced a great week with a colourful and diverse programme. Various sports activities – including climbing, swimming, football, unicycling, bouldering and trampolining – were on the agenda.

By conducting many activities where teamwork was indispensable, the participating kids were made aware of the potential of diversity and the possibilities that it offers. In addition, the participants were encouraged to make contact with children and youths from other countries and other cultural circles. This was a very important experience for each individual, as they got to experience, for example, the everyday problems of non-native speakers or children who are new to Germany. The programme was put together with the objective of providing children and young people from different social backgrounds and cultures with a holiday camp that was both relaxing and rich in experiences. In addition, they were given the opportunity to develop their social skills in working together and to take responsibility for themselves as well as for others. 

"It is only thanks to the active support and tireless commitment of our great team of supervisors that we could we once again allow the participants to 'be children' and therefore make a positive contribution to integration and social participation in the Unna district," explained Alina Manjal, a project manager and employee at KSB Unna.

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