“The quality of a football club is shown by the way it fulfils its social duty.”

This quote from Franz Jacobi is more contemporary than ever. We have taken the opportunity to develop a fan shirt, which under the slogan “Borussia verbindet” (Borussia connects) puts highest priority on joint responsibility in this difficult time.

The design, based on our beginnings, shows the “B” on the chest, typical at that time, supplemented by the characteristic hat of our founding fathers. The black shirt is now available for men, women and children for 19,09€ in our online shop.

The proceeds will fully contribute to our BVB foundation “leuchte auf” which supports non-profit and social projects in Dortmund which are struggling with the current situation caused by the corona virus.

In addition, the foundation „Universitätsmedizin“ (University Medicine) in Essen will be supported, which is specialised in innovative research on CoViD-19 and contributes to the World Health Organisation (WHO).