On 11 December 2022, following a three-year gap from the last time the event could be held at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK, over 70,000 spectators gathered in Germany's largest football stadium for some Christmas carol singing in a unique setting. Tickets for the fourth edition of the Christmas carol singing were quickly sold out, and a new attendance record for the event was set.

On Friday evening before the home game against Leipzig, the proceeds of "Dortmund sings Christmas carols" from last year were distributed between four social organisations and handed over by the Foundation's board members Thomas Treß and Carsten Cramer at the side of the pitch. This time, a total of €100,000 will be distributed equally to four different non-profit project partners from Dortmund: 

The BVB Learning Centre in SIGNAL IDUNA PARK 

Directly beneath the Südtribüne, students from the region can take advantage of various educational opportunities in the BVB Learning Centre (e.g. in the field of civil courage or anti-racism). 

The Nordstadtliga Dortmund 

The Nordstadtliga actively supports children and young people from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds and integrates them into social structures through sport. 

The Ecumenical Homeless Initiative Guest Haus 

The guest house in Dortmund is committed to the homeless and people on the poverty line and offers them a hospitable place in which they are welcome to stay. 

The Lensing Media Aid Organisation 

The donations from the Christmas carol singing will also help make the wishes of Dortmund's youngest citizens come true. The "Dortmund Education Check" and "We help in …" help support projects run by kindergartens, day care centres and schools in the region. The funds will help turn dreams such as such as a school garden, rental bicycles and a climbing frame for the playground a reality.  

This year, too, there will be BVB Christmas carol singing on the second or third Sunday of Advent. 

More information on the BVB "leuchte auf" foundation can be found here

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