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Draconian punishments for Borussia Dortmund

The German Football Association (DFB) has meted out draconian punishments on DFB Cup winner Borussia Dortmund due to the poor behaviour of some of the club's followers. BVB fans are threatened with, among other things, a stadium ban for one Bundesliga away-game, something which would have huge financial consequences.

A fine of €95,000 has been imposed – of which €30,000 can be used for safety-related, infrastructural and violence prevention measures. It has been levied because of the large-scale setting off of fireworks during the 2017 Cup Final in Berlin, the use of fireworks during the semi-final in Munich, as well as "problems with Dortmund spectators in the entrance area" at a Bundesliga match in April, likewise in Munich.

The DFB has also sanctioned BVB with a one match stadium ban for BVB fans, suspended, at a Bundesliga away game, and requires that the host club be compensated for all lost revenue, particularly gate takings for the empty away stands. The probationary period will run until 31 May 2018. The stadium ban will be enforced should "there reoccur significant incidents during this probationary period".

Furthermore, the DFB's ruling stipulates that BVB fans may only "put on choreographed displays after having sought the express written permission of the club", with the permission of both clubs required in the case of away games. "Should this be deviated from, or should fireworks be released as part of any choreographed displays or should any other unsporting behaviour be demonstrated as part of such displays, then all choreographed displays by Dortmund will be banned until the end of the 2017/18 season", stated the written verdict.

Finally, Borussia Dortmund is obliged to create a "safety concept for participation in DFB Cup finals". "This must include special measures for the safe, controlled, and, as the circumstances require, personalised allocation of tickets through BVB." (br)