Captain Emre Can clearly criticised the team's performance after the cup elimination in Stuttgart. The first reaction to the match.

Emre Can (to ZDF): "It's simply not good enough from us as a team. We were lacking at the front and the back today. We were not strong enough in the challenges. It was a catastrophe on a footballing level, we have to be honest about that. Off the ball, the way we pressed, not good at all. It cannot continue like this. We're Dortmund, there needs to be more. We need to sit down together and analyse it. It's about the footballing aspect and finding solutions. And the pressing is very, very bad. If I compare that with Stuttgart: they press, they're always there. We need to press more, want it more and have more intensity in our play. That must come from the team and from each individual. The season is still long, we will not give up, we will keep going."