BVB will pay a visit to the Borussia-Park at 15:30 CEST on Saturday. Around 5,500 BVB fans will support the team in Mönchengladbach. We have compiled the most important info for you.


Arrival by car:

  • The parking lots P4-P8 are car parking spaces.
  • Access via BAB 61, Mönchengladbach-Nordpark junction.
  • Address: "Am Nordpark 400, 41179, Mönchengladbach".
  • Parking fee €7.

Arrival by bus/minibus:

  • The "Bushalt Süd" away bus parking lot is available for away buses.
  • Access via BAB 61, Mönchengladbach-Holt junction.
  • Address: "Am Borussiapark, 41179 Mönchengladbach".
  • Parking fee: coaches: €30; minibuses: €7.

Arrival by train:

  • It is recommended that away fans travel via the MG-Rheydt Hbf stop.
  • The match ticket entitles the holder to a free return journey on the VRR and AVV public transport networks.
  • A relief train will be in service. This train will leave Dortmund Hbf at 11:22 from platform 26 and will arrive at Rheydt Hbf at 12:52.
  • The relief train will make the return journey from platform 4 of the Rheydt Hbf at 18:45 and will arrive at Dortmund Hbf at platform 26 at 20:12.


  • The away entrance is the "Eingang Süd-Ost"
  • The stadium opens two hours before kick-off

Permitted fan paraphernalia:

  • Fence flags (provided space is available)
  • 4 megaphones (already assigned)
  • 5 drums
  • 15 swivel flags
  • Double-holders with a pole length up to 1.50m
  • Small flags with a pole length up to 1.50m

The material entrance is located at Gate 30, to the left of the away block.

Forbidden fan paraphernalia:

  • Pyrotechnics of any kind

Permitted items:

  • Cameras without interchangeable lens for private use.
  • Drinks in cartons up to 0.5l.
  • Rucksacks and bags smaller than DIN-A4 size.

 Forbidden items:

  • Rucksacks and bags larger than DIN-A4 size (pieces of luggage larger than DIN-A4 can be deposited in the "Luggage Box" at the "Eingang Ost" (East Entrance)).
  • Power banks

Further info on admission:

  • The alcohol limit is 1.1. Checks will be carried out at random.
  • Away supporters with tickets for the North Stand will be denied stadium entry.
  • Previous away games in Gladbach have occasionally seen conflicts between the home and away fans in the vicinity of the stadium. Please therefore adhere to the fan separation between home and away supporters and avoid the home sectors of the stadium.


  • The away sector is located in blocks 6 (standing section) and in blocks 6A, 7 and 7A (seated).
  • You can pay with debit card, credit card via smartphone and also cash at the stadium.

Info for a barrier-free stadium visit

  • Fans with disabilities can find all the information here.

Further information

Contact on matchday

The fan representatives Andreas Bauer (0151/19790853) and Johannes Bagus (0151/67576467) as well as Janina Fuhr and Florian Hansing from Fan-Projekt Dortmund e. V. will be your contact points on matchday.