Borussia Dortmund will twice be in action at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh today. A training session at 10:30 local time (17:30 CET), when Lucien Favre will put his players through their paces for the last time on the USA Tour, will be followed by a third and final International Champions Cup match at 20:05 local time (03:05 CET on Thursday morning). The opponents will be Portuguese runners-up Benfica.

Favre has yet to decide whether the three late arrivals − Marco Reus, Lukasz Piszczek and Achraf Hakimi − will feature at any stage. "We're speaking regularly, but we still don't know if they'll play 20 or 30 minutes, if it'll make sense. We don't want to take any risks. They've only been training since Friday after a three-week break. The most important thing is that we avoid injuries."

The trio will be reintroduced gradually, as will the other World Cup participants Delaney, Guerreiro, Kagawa, Bürki and Akanji, some of whom started training in Dortmund yesterday. "They had three weeks off," explained Favre, who then discussed his approach once the team has returned from the USA. "We'll see whether it's possible to incorporate these players into training immediately or whether they'll do part of the training. We need to take care to avoid injuries," he reiterated.

The team will begin their return journey to Germany during the night and are expected to land in Düsseldorf early on Thursday afternoon. (br)