BVB Head Coach Thomas Tuchel laid down the law on the first day of the training camp in Dubai: this included Aubameyang, Subotic, Januzaj, Paßlack and Pulisic. Thomas Tuchel words…

…Africa's footballer of the year: „we are very happy for' Auba'. This is a special and valuable award. It has a great prestige in Africa. It is the first time that a player from Gabon has won this award. It means very much for 'Auba'. The team feels part of this, as if they had deserved part of this award. When individual awards are handed out, this means that the team always plays a big role in winning this award.

…the expectations for the team at the training camp: „they are supposed to make the most of what is available. The climate is fantastic for training. I expect that we will find back to our form very quickly and that we will reinvigorate our desire for hard work and good performances. We are starting back again. Now it will be more and more intensive...

…the return of Adnan Januzaj to England: „he never made it to completely let go of ManU, to take on his new challenge in full and to really become part of BVB. Right at the the end I had the feeling that part of him was still in Manchester. Maybe this was the missing percentage that was lacking so that both parties were happy with the situation surrounding him.

…further possible transfers in the winter break: „we are always interested in adding quality to our squad, but this must always entail the right character and mentality.

…rumours about Subotic and Aubameyang: „we are not going to even spend a second's thought ab can alout selling Aubameyang. He is a key players for us. We still have lots of plans for him, there is no question that he will be sold. Iso say that Neven is a key player that we need in our team. He played for us twice in the league and on both occasions we won three points and conceded one goal. He is very much in my plans. 

…the youngsters Felix Paßlack und Christian Pulisic: „I hope that they are as brave and work as hard as possible.We have decided to integrate them both into the professional squad. They have deserved this through outstanding performances for BVB over the years. We want to give them the chance to develop at the highest level. I expect that they will take this opportunity in the best way possible. It has to be a mix of deserved respect for the established players coupled with a mix of cheekiness and a care fee attitude

BVB total!-Video: Stetementsn by Thomas Tuchel