Football's world governing body FIFA has blocked the transfer of Borussia Dortmund midfielder Kevin Großkreutz, 27, to Turkish top flight outfit Galatasaray which was agreed during the transfer window that recently ended. An appeal lodged by Galatasaray against the decision was unsuccessful. Galatasaray informed BVB of the outcome late this afternoon.

On Monday, both clubs came to an agreement concerning the transfer of the player to Turkey. However, it seems that FIFA believe Galatasaray had not taken all of the necessary steps required to complete the planned transfer within the specified transfer window.

Transfer to be completed in the next window

Nevertheless, Galatasaray and Kevin Großkreutz today expressed to Borussia Dortmund their wish for the transfer to be carried out at the next available opportunity and under the already agreed conditions. Borussia Dortmund accepted that request this evening. Up until his registration - which will provisionally take place on 1/1/2016 - Kevin Großkreutz will therefore become a Galatasaray player with immediate effect, allowing him to participate in his new club's training sessions and friendly matches.