On 10 August 2022, the new school year will also begin at the three elite football schools in Dortmund for 41 talented young BVB players. The Geschwister-Scholl comprehensive school, the Goethe grammar school and the Konrad-Klepping vocational college want to prove once again in the 22/23 school year that the best possible performance in school and outstanding developments in performances on the pitch are not mutually exclusive and actually go hand in hand.

Dortmund's youngsters can look back on a successful school year. A total of 38 young players were awarded 400 grades in total and there were only three scores of 5 (the lowest grade). An average of 2.7 (based on a scale of 1-5) for all players is truly a result to be proud of and underlines the ambitions of the BVB Youth Performance Centre to deliver real top performances in the field of school education as well as on the football field.

With the "Schule.Neu.Denken." (Rethink School) project, BVB is breaking new ground in the field of education aimed at getting children qualifications. Prior to the start of the new school year, individual action plans are drawn up with each of the three partner schools, laying out precise actions related to specific activities. This allows the BVB staff to enhance lessons by including practical subjects and shows how each of the partners can benefit from the cooperation. In doing so, we focus on the individual perspective of each individual player to get the children the best possible qualifications.

Education fair at the training centre

The Youth Performance Centre is underlining its ambitions with its education fair on 1 September, which will be held at the club's training ground. Almost 20 top companies from Dortmund will showcase what they have to offer in Brackel and are waiting to speak to schoolchildren in Dortmund to help them plan their future careers. In addition, there will be exciting seminars, interactive workshops, extensive information on the different training opportunities and live musical acts. The fair starts at 14:00 CET.

Building off the good form from the last school year, BVB are going all-out-attack for education in 22/23.