52 percent of German football fans like Borussia Dortmund! This is the result of a representative survey conducted by the Hamburg statistical portal ''Statista.'' According to the survey, BVB are top of the popularity rankings, ahead of record title holders Bayern Munich (liked by 41 percent.)

The Bundesliga's two most successful clubs over the past 20 years combine to win the support of almost half of the German public who identify as football fans (28 percent for Bayern, 20 percent for Borussia.) This means that these two teams are respectively at least four times as popular as any other. The next most popular teams are Schalke, Hamburg and Leipzig, each of them gaining the support of around five percent.

Not only do the Black and Yellows enjoy the highest levels of popularity, they are also disliked by a lower proportion of fans (17 percent) than most other teams. It's SC Freiburg who got the best score here: only ten percent dislike the men from Breisgau.

No other team stirs up as many emotions as Borussia Dortmund - so said 55 percent of those surveyed. 45 percent voted for Schalke 04 and 44 percent for Bayern Munich (it was possible to give multiple answers to this question.)