A penalty brought PSV Eindhoven back into the game – a penalty that should never have been awarded. Mats Hummels delivered a passionate plea after the match – in the interests of the sport. The first match reaction.

Mats Hummels (to Prime): "Zero percent a penalty. Zero! I slide in, I clearly play the ball, change its path and only then make minimal contact. Tillman was laughing himself silly on the pitch, Bakayoko was laughing himself silly, they were all grinning at me for minutes. Two ludicrous penalties that we've conceded since Paris. I don't understand the referee. You don't need a rulebook for that, common sense is enough. We're now giving penalties that we're not giving free-kicks for in midfield. We're giving handballs that we don't blow for in the centre-circle. We're on completely the wrong track. The VAR has made the referee worse; I used to find the referees better. Tillman goes down afterwards because he knows that he's messed up the situation and then he's grinning for five minutes afterwards. We're in a Champions League round of 16 tie. You have to expect the highest standard from the referees. If we're better on the ball in the return leg, we'll progress. We should've had a lot more composure on the ball here; we gave it away too quickly. What I saw today was a beatable Eindhoven." (br)