For 13 years now, SIGNAL IDUNA has been a Borussia Dortmund sponsor. It is a partnership that the fans of the eight-time German champions can now benefit from too, following the launch of a completely digital household goods and liability insurance – Insurance09  a few days ago.

The service package, which comes in a never-before-seen form, combines a complete household goods and liability coverage with services specially tailored to BVB fans. The coverage includes, for example, damage and theft coverage for fan merchandise. Additionally, the insurance customers can claim up to EUR 50 back if they miss a game through no fault of their own, e.g. a breakdown. In such a case, they will additionally receive an "inconvenience payment" of a further EUR 50. Many of these and other services can be directly traced back to wishes and suggestions expressed by fans.

If a customer makes no claims, he will receive up to two monthly contributions credited to his account. Additionally, he will benefit from the sporting success of the Black & Yellows: every Bundesliga goal they score will be rewarded with a 09 cent reimbursement. If BVB end the season in place four or above, another EUR 9.09 will be deducted from the annual contribution. "We like the innovative approach – and the opportunity for our fans to benefit from the sporting success," said Managing Director Carsten Cramer.

One of the reasons that such a good price-performance ratio is possible is the fact that this new insurance product is entirely digital. That means that every aspect of Versicherung09, from the signing of the contract to claims and services, can be conducted on your computer or your mobile phone via the website "We have succeeded, together with the right partners, in developing a product that is unequalled on the market," said Ulrich Leitermann, the Chief Executive of the Signal Iduna Group: "That's how interconnectedness works today. The advantages can then be enjoyed by the customers, who have strong partners by their side and solutions that have been developed according to their requirements."

Anyone interested can take out the insurance online or expand their insurance protection, even if they already have a corresponding insurance coverage elsewhere. (br)