Kevin Kampl: "A childhood dream has come true"

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On Sunday, the day after Borussia Dortmund’s arrival in La Manga on late Saturday afternoon, Kevin Kampl spoke to the German press for the very first time. After the first of two training session BVB’s new signing talked about…


…Borussia Dortmund:

A childhood dream has come true with this move. As a kid I was a big fan of BVB, I want to give my all and hope to be able to help the team quickly. The team has taken me in extremely well, which of course makes it easier.”

…his career ambitions:

I'm 24 now and I'm ready for the next step. BVB’s game suits me, I'm in good hands. It’s great to play alongside stars like Marco Reus from whom I can still learn a thing or two.

…his role in the team:

I can play any position in midfield. No matter where I’m put on the team, I want to give my all.

…the importance of the training camp:

The tension is normal. Every player knows what it is about. We need a great preparation to turn the switch.

…his origins:

I owe Germany a lot, but I also have family in Slovenia and so a close relationship to this country. My entire family has Slovenian passports, and so it was clear that I would play for Slovenia.

…his parents’ commitment:

My mom got her driver’s licence at the age of 50 only to drive me to training.