After the test victory against Bologna, captain Marco Reus spoke to the media.

… about the game against Bologna:
"We played a different basic formation today, with a diamond and two strikers. That is very offensive. We did what the coach told us to do before the game. That means keeping the ball in the centre a lot, trying to take the full-backs with us and being threatening in front of goal. We enjoyed great scoring chances right from the start and deserved to take the lead."

… switching play:
"Our switching play was very good today. We wanted to win back the ball quickly, because when we win the ball high up the pitch, we have it close to the goal."

… the second half:
"In the second half we played a bit more erratically. That's when you noticed that our strength was fading. We wanted to continue as we did before the break, but we didn't play with quite as much pressure and enjoyed less possession. We could have created more opportunities, but were somewhat careless. That's why it stayed at 3-0."

… the absence of regular defenders:
"Of course, that is a problem, as we lack some quality at the back. The guys who are playing are giving their all, but it's the little things we're used to from our centre-backs. Mats, Manu, Dan, Emre and Rapha are players who bring us forward. But we shouldn't lament, we should make sure the others are set up to help us. They did that very well in the training camp. If the coach has the confidence to select them, they deserve it."

Recorded by Christina Reinke