After the friendly fixture against Bologna, head coach Marco Rose lauded his team for getting the win and reflected on the week in Switzerland.

Marco Rose on the training camp:
"My conclusion is very positive. We felt good this week, worked through a lot of topics and consistently had a good intensity, energy and atmosphere in training. Some of the guys have been gradually returning one-by-one, which means we have a bigger group from Monday. The goal for us today was to get the reward for a good week of training. The guys did a great job in that sense."

…the fitness levels:
"You could see that the lads are fighting fit. That's why we skipped the session this morning. That meant that they were relatively fresh this afternoon. To come out and play like that after an intense week here is good."  

…the diamond:
"The formation is one thing; the principles of play are another. We showed exceptionally good counter-pressing today. The guys covered ground. We enjoyed the game and created goal-scoring opportunities while in the diamond formation. It looked decent already. I get the impression that the guys are comfortable with it. But it's not set in stone. What's more important is what we make of it."  

…the systems of play:
"I like the diamond because it offers a lot of options. You have a good division of space on the ball, two strikers who can run on to it, a No. 10 in the hole behind; i.e. many positions that are good and important for our game. The disadvantage is that we're not doubled-up on the flanks. But you can get a lot from it if you implement it well. We want to be flexible, though. We can also play a 4-3-3 and when the centre-backs come back, we want to be able to play with a back three."

…Marco Reus:
"The way he's embraced training, welcomed the new challenges and carried the younger lads along has been captain-like from day one. He didn't miss a session and played 90 minutes today, as he did in the last game. I'm glad Marco is fit, has been able to recharge, and has trained and worked the way he has." 

…Donyell Malen:
"Donyell is a lad with a lot of quality and his character is also a good fit for us. We're convinced by him; that's why he brought him in. He now needs to face up to the competition for places, show determination and earn the right to play."

…the last week of training before the cup tie:
"We need to be completely focused. The game today should give us energy, because things are working and we've worked well. But we know that there are still a few lads missing, that we have to integrate them bit by bit and bring them on board with different fitness levels. The next weeks will definitely be intense and then the competitive matches get under way. That means that we're going to need a few results as well."

…the team's progress:
"If I could have it my way, I'd like to have two weeks with the lads who are arriving now before we play the first competitive match. But it's the same situation for other teams too. So far, we have done everything in our power to get ourselves into a good condition and now it won't get any less intense." 

…the possible line-up for the cup tie:
"The lads who have been training and working over the course of recent weeks have done so very well. There are no guarantees as to who will play next Saturday. We may even play with a different tactical formation. But one can operate on the assumption that several lads have earned the right to be out on the pitch next week."

…the central defenders Lennard Maloney and Antonios Papadopoulos:
"They're super lads. They're U23 players who are with us due to the situation. But the way in which they have performed, trained, settled in, and the way in which they've been received, is great. We're happy to have them. We might seem one or both of them next week."
Transcribed by Christina Reinke