Maximilian Philipp is about to start his second season at Borussia Dortmund. The former Freiburg player is looking to start this season stronger. In the training camp, he pensively said, "Last season was tough and it didn't pan out quite how we'd have liked. I'm a part of that as much as anyone else."

The new addition to the team, Thomas Delaney, suggests that he wants to and is able to slip into a responsible role in the team. Maximilian Phillip also bears a similar claim."We've had leaders in the team before," said the 24-year-old. "Thomas takes the lead and speaks a lot despite the fact that he is new here. I'm a different kind of guy who is a bit shyer. That's why it took me a bit more time for me to fully arrive."

In the previous friendly fixtures, the offensive player mostly took on a central role. Internally, he is expected to score 15 to 18 goals per season and Phillip isn't one to disagree, "People have seen that I'm dangerous in front of goal but I also know that there is still potential to improve."

The former Freiburg player emphasised that potential is something the club focuses on, to iron out mistakes and to become a strong unit. "A lot of value is given to the fundamentals, that's where they tighten the reins," Phillip revealed, "And the atmosphere in the team is good". The training sessions are also being well received, "Favre's work is detailed both in attack and defence. He communicates a lot."