Alexander Meyer is currently in great demand once again. After Borussia's regular No. 1 Gregor Kobel sustained an injury in a collision during the match against VfL Wolfsburg, Meyer kept goal for BVB in the matches against Eindhoven and Hoffenheim. The 32-year-old could be between the sticks against Union Berlin too. During a walk around the stadium, Meyer spoke about life inside the changing rooms, special moments for goalkeepers before a match and the sporting situation.

Alex, we're sitting here in the team dressing room at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK. Paint a picture for us: who are your neighbours?
"I'm in very good company here. To my left is Karim Adeyemi, on my right is Marcel Sabitzer. Two different guys. Karim listens to music up until shortly before the match, he simply needs that. However, I have rarely seen Marcel with headphones in so far. I have a relaxed chat with him before the game, but Sabi is of course in the tunnel too."

At the training ground in Brackel, you sit next to Jadon Sancho and Julian Ryerson. The results haven't always been successful recently; is that also discussed in the changing room or is it a topic that is only dealt with on the pitch?
"We always talk a lot in the changing room. Especially about the matches and performances. Immediately after a game and a defeat, it is of course quiet in the changing room – everyone is occupied with themselves. But in the days that follow, we talk a lot in Brackel and analyse the matches. In the changing room too."


Goalkeepers have to warm up a few minutes before the team prior to a match. To what extent do you prepare for the game differently to your team-mates?
"We keepers always have a pre-match routine that is a bit more specialised. We get changed quickly and do a few mobilisation exercises in the gym next to the dressing room before we go out onto the pitch. The goalkeeper position is a special one, so we start concentrating and focusing well in advance of the game. We have a big responsibility."

We've now arrived in the narrowest tunnel in the league. Let's imagine it's 15:27 CET on a Saturday, a few minutes before the game. 80,000 fans are waiting, you can already hear them in the tunnel. What does a player do and feel in these moments?
"Our narrow tunnel and the stadium make a difference to us, but to our opponents too. Particularly in the final moments before we take to the pitch. I always take it a bit easier in those moments and look forward to the 80,000 spectators – it's a very special feeling, I enjoy it. Apart from that, you talk to the goalkeeper of the opposing team and wish them all the best and an injury-free match. We hear the fans, the first sounds of the run-out music, it's just pure joy!"


Let's take a look at the situation on the pitch: six points adrift of third place, one point ahead of fifth place. How do you assess the situation in the table after two thirds of the season?
"It's clearly not enough for us. I think we have different expectations. We got off to a good start to the new year by going on a run, but we've dropped too many points over the course of the season because we often didn't impose our game for 90 minutes. Our first priority is to achieve the minimum objective of making it into the Champions League. There's still a third left to play; we have everything in our own hands and we have to focus on that now. We have to work well during the week, be communicative and address things."

You can't help the team in attack on the pitch. But what can you do as a goalkeeper – in addition to protecting your own goal – in order to support the team?
"I try to radiate confidence. Verbally, but also with my body language and facial expressions. My team-mates notice that too. I also have an influence on the people in front of me. Everyone has a responsibility on the pitch to complete their actions properly and help the team. Of course, it's not up to me to convert shots up front, but I can give the team a good feeling."


After three competitive games without a win, Union Berlin are BVB's next opponents. How do you view the match away to the Köpenick club?
"It's a special stadium with a heated atmosphere. Union have done very well in the last few years and as a result they also made it into the Champions League. They had a few problems in the first half of the season and were bottom of the table, but they have definitely stabilised since the change of coach. They want to keep picking up points and give us nothing. We'll have to impose our game over the entire 90 minutes, play with confidence and have total belief in ourselves to win there."