Together with the Parks Department and the SIGNAL IDUNA Group, Borussia Dortmund are working to ensure greater plant and insect diversity in the area surrounding the stadium. Already in spring, a colourful wildflower meadow flourished on Maurice-Vast-Straße. Now a nature trail is the latest addition to Dortmund's largest sustainability project.

It all started a year ago with the sowing of wild herbs and flowers behind the SIGNAL IDUNA insurance building. That kicked-off what is now the largest sustainability project in Dortmund: in the public park on Maurice-Vast-Straße – between the Westfalenhallen and the Westfalenpark. Already in the early summer of 2021, a beautiful wildflower meadow flourished there. Now the finishing touches have been put on the next steps of the project. 

"We already have a lot of green areas, but there could be a bit more and it could be more colourful – not just green. Every hectare that brings more natural space to the city is important. And what is really great is that in Borussia Dortmund and the SIGNAL IDUNA Group we have two reliable partners who want to take this approach together with us based on a shared conviction," says Dortmund's Lord Mayor Thomas Westphal. 

The nucleus of the idea was the SIGNAL IDUNA sustainability project in the immediate vicinity of the Group's head office. The plan comprises ten important sub-projects, including, for example, a "shadow oasis", a "snack garden" and several other habitats for bees and native insects.

The sustainability project, which is open to everyone, is now equipped with extensive signage so that visitors can easily explore the area on their own initiative. The nature trail created in this way has attracted children, families and school trips and passers-by to learn about the ecological relationships within nature in our area. 

"Our joint project impressively shows how a concept can become something ecologically sustainable. We have created an open space here that offers not only our employees but anyone walking through the area a wide range of opportunities to learn about the various topics," emphasises Ulrich Leitmann, Chairman of the Management Board of the SIGNAL IDUNA Group.

BVB mascot EMMA the Bee is there to guide visitors through the trail. In future, the project will see EMMA lead several educational tours and other environmental education projects here organised by the BVB KidsClub and the BVB Foundation "leuchte auf".

"For BVB, sustainable development is one of the main items on the agenda for the years to come. We are aware of our mass appeal, which we would like to contribute to this joint project in order to raise awareness and inspire the youngest BVB fans in particular to help protect nature in the area. Social responsibility is shared here," says Carsten Cramer, managing director at Borussia Dortmund. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the project around the stadium and the events planned for the future, click here.