A big thank you from us! And that nearly two million times! Borussia Dortmund has set a new spectator record in season 2015/16. 1 948 880 spectators came through the gates for the 26 competitive matches this season - this includes the last completely sold out home game on Saturday against 1. FC Köln.

This means BVB has improved on their previous best record in season 2013/14 (1 855 156 spectators) by nearly 100 000 fans. 

The stadium was filled to 99.88 per cent for the Bundesliga games. There were 1 381 700 places available (this takes into consideration adapting the capacity for the local derby): 1 380 023 spectators came/will come to the 17 home games.

As in every season for the past 17 years, Borussia Dortmund has the best average attendance in the league: 81 178 spectators per game is also a new Bundesliga record. You have to go back to season 1997/98 to find a season where Black Yellow did not have the most spectators. Boris Rupert