When Borussia Dortmund was trailing Odds BK in Norway at the start of the season last year by 0-3 after 22 minutes, a lot of people were rubbing their eyes with bewilderment. What had happened? Who were these brave, young Norwegians? In the end BVB won 4-3 and then destroyed the guests one week later in Dortmund 7-2.

But the Norwegians gained a lot from these games. The Scandinavian professionals were not only impressed by how strong Thomas Tuchel's team played. It was mainly the BVB fans who left a lasting impression. It is not often that you get the same crowds at games in Norway, after all far fewer people live here and the country is very sparsely populated. So the Odds BK players had wanted to see the yellow wall for a long time. As the season in Norway finished three weeks ago and does not start again until the beginning of April, they could plan a visit for Saturday one week ago.

And that is what happened. 19 football players from Odds BK stood in block 83 on the South Stand and they were absolutely delighted by the game against Bayern Munich and the atmosphere in the stadium. The Norwegians arrived in their block equipped with scarfs, hats and some beer. They quickly found a space right amongst the BVB fans, who greeted them in a friendly way once they knew who these lads were.

Sondre Rossbach, the goalkeeper of the team from Skien, was totally thrilled after the game: "a great win! We really enjoyed the hospitality and the game from the South Stand."

Borussia Dortmund was very happy about this unusual visit and wishes Odds BK all the best for the next season. (Jens Volke)