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Reus: "We set the course early on"

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After the 6-1 victory against Cologne, Marco Reus spoke to Sky not only about today's game but about the next opponents too....

Marco Reus (to Sky): "It was an all-round deserved victory. We set the course early on, had good control and closed down the centre. And Cologne were no longer able to plug the gaps. The goals were well worked. Mo Dahoud played a really good game. He has been out for so long; I really liked the presence that he showed on the pitch. He's a great footballer. We dropped off in the second period against Schalke and were very disappointed with the 2-2 draw. That's why it was important to become league leaders, even if it is only for tonight. We have a really cool game coming up in a fortnight; there'll be a few players coming back. Even after that it won't be decided, but it will be a very important game."