Check out the reactions of Mats Hummels, Julian Brandt and Roman Bürki to the 2-1 victory over Slavia Prague below.


Roman Bürki: "The whole team felt a huge sense of relief after the final whistle. Hardly anything had filtered through to us; it was only when the spectators were celebrating shortly before the end that we looked at the screen. That gave us an additional boost at that point. We're a team; we battled well. It was clear that I could be in for a busy evening tonight. But that's what I'm there for; perhaps today I might even say that I did fairly well."

Julian Brandt: "Lots of things worked well today, even if it was a close one in the end. Nonetheless, I think that we held our own well and gave it everything we had. We knew what was at stake. We needed to do our bit and then see how things panned out elsewhere. We've been scoring lots of goals in recent weeks, especially in front of the South Stand. That gives us all energy and especially did us good today."

Mats Hummels: "Julian is a player of incredible value to us in the number eight role. He makes lots of runs with the ball, possesses unbelievable movement and offers us a lot of possibilities and options. Julian showed great instinct and the pass from Jadon was world-class; it all worked well. Roman equally had a top performance tonight; it was perfect. You can't do more than that. The coach has put us on the right track over the past few weeks. We speak a lot among ourselves. The change in system did us a lot of good; we played a much better pressing game and had more possession."
Transcribed by Timo Lammert


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