Roman Bürki has had two clean sheets to start the new season, and although he's not done much other than stand between the posts, the BVB goalkeeper nonetheless is happy about his record thus far. Speaking to the press, he shared his thoughts on Saturday's opponents as well as the Black & Yellow youngsters:

Roman Bürki on... the start to the new season:
''It's hard to say how we're placed after just two games. But the wins were important to get a sense of where we are mentally going into the season. We have a sense of self-confidence, which we'll take with us into the Augsburg game.'' 

…two clean sheets thus far:
''I'd be happy to see it continue. That's what we should be aiming for. We defended well against Gladbach and didn't give anything away.''

…FC Augsburg:
''Augsburg are an opponent against whom the physical side of the game is important. They will be extremely motivated to get a win against us. They'll be fully aware of what happened next season. We have to be prepared for anything and be able to replicate our performance against Gladbach. I mean physically, but we'll need to show fighting spirit too.''

…the young players:
''Impressive. I watch them every day in training. They work hard, and that's how it should be. It's good that they're attacking players, as the further back the pitch you go, the more responsibility you have to take on. The youngsters can play freely. They're doing a great job.''
Transcribed by Christina Reinke