SIGNAL IDUNA PARK will become the most beautiful vaccination centre in the world in the coming days. As early as Thursday, BVB fans will have the opportunity to get vaccinated at SIGNAL IDUNA PARK.

The pandemic has been with us for over a year now and has turned many of our daily realities upside down. In the past 16 months, we have all had to limit our social and professional contacts and overcome many personal setbacks.

Case rates have recently decreased nationwide, and the vaccination campaign is providing more and more citizens with increased protection. Under certain conditions, we can meet up with friends and relatives again, go on holiday and experience a little bit of the sense of normality we have so longed for.

Despite the euphoria, we must look to autumn with caution, when there is a high likelihood of an increase in infections. It is now all the more important to ensure that the vaccination coverage of the population is as high as possible in order to protect both ourselves and others. 

We all long to meet up with our family, friends and other BVB fans on Saturday afternoons, to walk alongside them to SIGNAL IDUNA PARK and cheer our team on from the stands. Not to mention the magical nights of European football in the Champions League.

In order to be able to experience all this in the usual way, with as many BVB fans as possible, we are making you a special offer today. The most beautiful stadium in the world will become the most beautiful vaccination centre in the world in the coming days. As early as Thursday, you will have the opportunity to get vaccinated in SIGNAL IDUNA PARK and make your personal - and big - contribution to fighting the pandemic.

But you can expect more than just a vaccination in our footballing home. As a special highlight, you can take a walk around the stadium after the jab and round off your vaccination appointment with a photo of the DFB-Pokal trophy. Free of charge, of course.

The vaccines available are BioNTech / Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Anyone who is vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine by 30 July 2021 will already have full vaccination protection for BVB's first home match of the season against Eintracht Frankfurt and will contribute to the protection of all fans in the stadium.

Join in, get vaccinated and do your bit to fight the pandemic.

Vaccination appointments

The vaccination centre in SIGNAL IDUNA PARK is a cooperation between BVB, the Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Westfalen-Lippe and the City of Dortmund.