The news of hidden cameras in the dressing rooms of TuS Metzingen and HL Buchholz 08-Rosengarten in the Women's Handball Bundesliga (HBF) has caused disbelief at Borussia Dortmund. In a statement, BVB President Dr Reinhard Rauball took a clear stance.

"It is with great dismay that Borussia Dortmund has learned of the incidents that have taken place in Metzingen and Buchholz. These are shameful acts that I and we as a club deeply condemn.

This kind of voyeurism represents a disgusting invasion into the privacy of the players concerned. Acts like this must be punished: TuS Metzingen and HL Buchholz 08-Rosengarten reacted in exactly the right way by filing immediate complaints.

 I have the utmost respect for both teams for showing up to the matches that took place immediately afterwards, despite having gone through this experience. That cannot be taken for granted and sends a strong signal.

Women's handball has increasingly gained in importance and recognition in recent years – here in Dortmund too. Even a shameful incident like this which threatens our sport and our community will not set us back.

We BVB and the other teams in the Women's Handball Bundesliga – shall stick together. Borussia Dortmund will do everything in its power to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. We will not only tighten controls, but raise awareness too.

Whether it's handball or football, a team-mate or an opponent, a sportsman or a sportswoman: we stick together."