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Süle sees "further development"

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After the hard-fought away victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach, Niklas Süle was the first Borussia player to give his view of the game.

Niklas Süle (to Sky): "Defending a lead in this stadium with a player fewer represents further development. We demonstrated a certain maturity, even if not everything was good. We've not managed to win here in the last three years – we can take some pride today on that front. We were all up for the match and are therefore very happy that although we had to fight with a player fewer, we ultimately took the three points. We deservedly took the lead and didn't allow any real shots at goal in the first period. Karim perhaps also knows he cannot foul there on a yellow. But that happens in football. It was even more annoying because a 2-1 lead opens up spaces in which we could've used his speed. But Karim played a good first half. When the penalty was overturned, I thought to myself that he hadn't even blown the whistle yet. Then he looks at it after what felt like eight minutes and says 'no penalty'. There has to now be a pattern in this situation. It annoys the fans and us too."